Problems With Your CV Joints? Bob Hunt Automatics Can Help

CV Joints – you’ve probably heard them mentioned at some point, but don’t really understand what they do. Essentially, the CV joint in your car is responsible for allowing the power and torque from your engine to be transmitted to your wheels with minimal power loss and noise – even when the wheel is turning or moving up and down whilst driving over rough terrain.

CV Joints are a very common part in any vehicle; especially front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles.

Ensuring your CV joints are in optimal working condition is very important. Should your CV joints get to a point where they are totally damaged, you may end up with structural damage to your vehicle or a loss of control whilst driving.

Do not be alarmed though, there are some obvious tell-tale signs warning you that your CV joints are on the way out, alerting you before they get to that stage. The most obvious and easiest way to tell that your CV joints are damaged is that you will hear a clunking noise coming from your front wheel(s) when turning the steering wheel – this can become more regular the more damaged they get.

If you’ve noticed this noise coming from your vehicle (or would just like your vehicle checked for peace of mind), then give Bob at Bob Hunt Automatics a call. Bob has many years’ experience in the motor industry, so you can be sure that he knows what he’s talking about. When you call Bob, you’ll be able to arrange a time that suits you, a perfect time to bring your car in for Bob to take a look at. So why wait? Contact Bob at Bob Hunt Automatics today on 02 4933 1141 to get your CV Joints checked