Bob Hunt can help you with all automatic transmission servicing and repairs, including DSG and CVT electronic transmissions for cars and 4×4 vehicles.

Bob Hunt Automatics is located in Maitland at 91 Elgin St, call on 02 4933 1141 to book in your car for transmission, brake or clutch servicing. Bob has your best interests in mind when he is servicing your car:

We do full computerised scanning, diagnosis and reprogramming. It’s just as important to diagnose and scan the transmission computer for any fault codes and access those before we touch the transmission. We can then recalibrate and program the computer to suit the transmission shift patterns. We have the latest in diagnostic scan tools to provide access to the car computer memory. We have and can supply reconditioning transmissions, some common replacement parts we keep and can quickly order in.


Whether your car is in for a simple oil leak or for a more complex problem, Bob Hunt and his team are experienced with all aspects of transmission repairs including torque converter replacement, drive plate replacements, oil leaks, electronic repairs and diagnostics, tail shaft repairs, universal joint replacement, welding repairs and all major drivetrain repairs.

Please contact Bob Hunt if you have a transmission or drivetrain related problem with your car that we may be able to help with. It is generally best to get mechanical issues resolved asap so that there is no additional damage to your vehicle.

Bob Hunt specialises in automatic and electronic transmission service on all makes and models of car.



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Automatic Transmission Service?